August 2021 Newsletter

Our next club meetin will be held September 29 at 8 p.m.

Reminder that the new membership year has started. If you haven’t renewed, please remember that you will need to do so and pick up a new key from Will Stoops to use the building and grounds outside of public shoots.

The Riverside NASP team is set to return this fall with a nearly full roster again this year. A yearly budget for the club has been drawn up and plans are moving forward with the online raffle to raise funds for next year. The raffle will be through “Fun-in-raising” in January.

The next shoot on Sunday September 19 will be our last for the season as well as the last league shoot and we hope to have it set with our nicest targets to end the year out strong. We hope to see you all then! We will again be setting the course on the Friday night before at 5 p.m. and will finish any weed whacking and mowing then.

Local 3D League Schedule

September 4&5 … Beaver Valley (LEAGUE SHOOT)

September 12… Rochester

September 19… CVB (LEAGUE SHOOT)